Let the space support you

There are lots of things in life that we take for granted. And it’s probably just as well, otherwise we would be in a perpetual state of awe. I’ve spent the last ten months re-discovering some really basic/wonderful concepts  – up and down was a biggie – but probably one of the most intriguing has been my deepening awareness of and respect for the skeleton. This amazing structure that protects and supports and enables vast freedom of movement. It’s beautiful design and function. And I’ve had one inside me all along. Just doing its thing.

Architecture of the thorax from behind - Gray's Anatomy

Well the latests mind-blowing discovery I’ve made, has been to do with the supportive nature of space. That there is this invisible support system all around us, that transforms everything we do, the moment we tap into it. A lot of its strength lies in the relationship between the directional intent of the moving body and the structure of the skeleton itself. But the pathways we carve out with our hands and sitz bones and greater trochanter, are spatial concerns. As are the distances between all the connections we make. And I am finding, that the more aware I am of the way my body occupies and navigates space, the more supported my body and movement  becomes. I’m loving it.

All we have are our bodies in time and space, and we can play a  little with intensity

Tricia Brown’s words, from a talk she gave on dance and architecture, at the Royal Academy of Arts in London a few years ago, are so true. These unassuming staples of life are so immensely rich. And they are all for free. Now that is awesome.

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