Who’s movement is it anyway?

Funny the things people say. I’d been thinking recently about the title of this blog. Is it “mykleintechniqueobsession”? or should it be “mymahlertechniqueobsession”?? And then yesterday, someone said to me

well you know that it’s all Bartenieff Fundamentals???

Well yes, I was aware of the influence, because Barbara has referenced particular exercises as being Irmgard Bartenieff’s. And I think it is true to say that when people study, they generally find themselves learning stuff from others, and Bartenieff was a hugely influential figure in the field of movement. But I must admit, there was a slight implication that BF had been hijacked and renamed, which I found very strange and slightly protectionist.

What is in a name? An awful lot. It doffs a cap in the direction of the person responsible for the increased volume of knowledge around a particular area of study. And it is important to acknowledge the progression of ideas through time and people. It becomes a heritage – but for this heritage to be of value, it needs to be understood and passed on to others. Kept alive and relevant.

In our hunger for our next instalment, it is easy to forget that the handling of the inheritance is as important as what is being doled out. And how knowledge is passed on from one person to another is crucial. This passing on of the baton needs to come with the blessing of new possibility, for it to be a truly generous gift.

Things evolve and different people suddenly find themselves as the person of great wisdom. And Barbara Mahler is certain one of those people at this moment in time.

Now whether I should change the name of my blog?  – given that I have never met Susan Klein – I think it a little presumptive. I could find myself being accused of being  protectionist towards Barbara and I wouldn’t want that.

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