Hang in there

roll over

hang on in there

its been too long

This is my first day of Klein for over two years and the power of a through-line is overwhelmingly apparent.

What is it about the moving body, that brings such clarity of thought?


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Ladies and gentlemen, let’s make some noise because Barbara Mahler i̶s̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶ (will soon be) in the house….

10am ’til 12 noon, Monday to Friday

85 St George’s Road

London SE1 6ER


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Openings and Closings

This week’s workshop was great – quite different in many ways from my previous NYC Mahler/Klein experiences – but a lot of fun all-the same. And some profound learning went on.

For me, the highlight of the week was the final feed-back session, when everyone who had participated said what they had learned during the week. To paraphrase…

  • I now realise that what I believe, limits what I can do.
  • I see that there is so much more possibility than I thought possible
  • I was looking for support in all the wrong places
  • You need to invest in yourself – take time for yourself
  • Educating yourself is a long-term process

All simple enough – but deeply moving.

And this week has cured me of my obsession with Klein. Something has changed. I no longer have a Klein technique obsession – which is bitter-sweet. But change is good – it is part of growth – and this week has helped me re-evaluate my relationship with Klein. To more clearly understand and value my exquisite learning September 2009 – June 2011.

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Susan Klein is in town – London town

Get yourselves down to moving east next week (9th-13th April) –  ‘cos there’s a rare opportunity for Londoners to experience Klein first hand, on their own turf


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“Education, education, education”

Matters of education have been a serious distraction of late – particularly in terms of my own education. And it has led me to contemplate starting a new blog – thenewyorkeducationsystemisfuckedobsession blog, but I think it might just fuel my rage. Instead, a link that helps focus thought on what education should be….could be….maybe.

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Here’s Barbara

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Poking that really hits the mark

Help is on it’s way for my knackety left ankle, in the form of a poking tail-bone. As I roll up to standing, my tail-bone is poking it’s way into the crunchy mess at the front of my left ankle joint. A bit like Dyno-Rod, I am able to direct my tail-bone into the unfathomable depths of historic debris. It is still poking around in the dark, but I think that this is the start of my ankle’s recovery.

ankle joint

Ankle joint

Ankle joint - other side

Ankle joint - other side

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Spot the difference

Being upright/Being balanced – how many? You’ve got 3 minutes.

This exercise from Scott Clark’s Feldenkrais website is very useful in experiencing the sensation of balance. And in turn, this has helped my gain a greater sense of what upright is.


Getting to know a wider spectrum of sensation gives us a greater understanding of the options – and hopefully, a greater ability to figure out for ourselves what it is to be balanced. In my case, that has helped me figure out what it is to be upright. If forward feels like this, and backwards feels like that then upright must be something in-between.

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A thick head

It’s taken me a while to realize that the line I was spun circa 1978, about finding alignment by lengthening out through the top of my head, as if being pulled by a piece of string….. is absolute baloney. Of course it works on one level, it keeps your skull above your shoulder girdle and what not, but it is based on strange imagery that works in a loose and largely fantastical way.

The back story — I’ve been experiencing problems leading with the top of my head. I’ve repeatedly felt my cervical vertebrae jostling to take the lead and it now dawns on me why. I’ve been carrying around this image of having a hole in the top of my skull where my vertebrae long to escape. Yearning to move up and beyond. Absolute nonsense. Can’t believe I’ve not challenged this before. But, stopping and thinking about it all rationally, the top of my particular head is quite flat. It is slightly convex, but there is no super-spike alien thing going on. Just a Northern flat-top. My skull has volume and weight, and connecting with this is proving to be much more useful than pretending that I’ve got a piece of string coming out of the top of my head. The image of string allows for such a narrow range of accuracy. Chances of getting it right are about as likely as managing to pin a tail on a donkey. And strangely enough, focusing on the whole top of my head has made a connection between it and the soles of my feet.  It’s a surface-area thing.

Clocking this has had quite an impact on my Klein. Understanding the volume of my skull and the nature of the surface area of the top of my head, has transformed my roll-down, along with my general sense of standing up and what not. The top of my head has a large surface area and it is connected to that of my face and my ears and the back of my neck. My roll down actually begins with my face, gravity allows it to pull on the top of my head, that then quite naturally pivots my skull forwards and down. This wonderfully big-volumed structure provides a great leading role in my roll down. Volume, weight, line. All equally important.

Now I haven’t been in class for a while, so chances are, I’m doing something a bit peculiar. But I don’t think so. It feels very obvious and right. All I’m doing is allowing the actual structure of my body to determine the nature of the movement.

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Happy holidays

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